International Youth Festival

Video ART

11TH OF may 2024

The Fifteenth edition

30th of May to 2nd of June 2023

Festival under the patronage of UNICA

(member of the International Council for Film, Television and

Audiovisual Communication from UNESCO)

Dear participant, 

We want to inform you that the film you submitted to the Video ART Festival is nominated for a possible award at the Video ART 2024 Awards Gala. We would like to communicate with you live at the Gala. We hope that you will be able to communicate with us (internet connection and video camera or phone with video connection). On 1 June 2024, you will receive a link to the Video ART Club YouTube channel.

The Gala will take place from 18:00-21:00 CET, during which time we will also go live with you. In order for the broadcast to work properly, a video communication test will be required before the Gala. You will receive a few hours beforehand a live link. We will do a short audio and video test, so that the live link during the Gala broadcast will be perfect, and then we will see each other live during the Gala.

The entire conversation will take place in conversational English, which we all know, more or less.

We hope to see you among the winners.

Video ART Team